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A Sunday morning in Bamako

May 1, 2011

Moving to West Africa, I realised I had underestimated the reach and power of globalisation. Kettles in supermarkets may cost at least £25 in Bamako (and now rank pretty high up on the ‘things I will never take for granted again’ list), however Nescafe coffee has well and truly found its market, and is widely available in small sachets from the streets of Bamako to the small boutiques of the remote region of the Fouta, northern Senegal. Although this provides useful insurance that a caffeine fix will (nearly) always be readily available when traveling, over the course of the past 10 months I have stopped thinking of Nescafe as actual coffee, and more of a useful warm dark brown energy drink.

Joy of joys then when I received a parental delivery of the Smartcafe all in one cafetiere and mug. This wonder was quickly eclipsed however in Bamako when we discovered this mysterious creation in the kitchen:

Add one PhD student with a love of coffee, a Sunday morning, some intense staring……

….and home made espresso, without a trip to spend £100 on an espresso maker at Bamako’s expat supermarket, is the result….

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  1. David. L permalink
    May 1, 2011 7:09 pm

    The smile on Steve’s face says it all- ‘joy!’

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